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Elevator structure
Jiangxi Hitachi elevatorSightseeing elevator steel structure well design and production。According to the size of the sightseeing elevator civil construction drawings, the main beam of the sightseeing elevator steel structure below 6 floors can be 150mm×150mm×0.5mm square steel with 120mm×80mm×0 beam.5mm square steel, the general external sightseeing elevator adopts no machine room design, according to the national standard no machine room top height of 4.5 meters high, on the top of the steel structure, it is best to use the plastic aluminum plate to avoid light, so as to protect the host, the sightseeing elevator pit to 1.8 meters deep, steel structure height of 2 meters between the need to add a beam, the door to the beam height, decoration on the ground 2.35 meters to add a beam。
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