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Product introduction
Transport decoration garbage, throw debris
Jiangxi residential elevatorMoving debris into the elevator may cause some debris to stray into the internal operation of the elevator, causing the elevator to jam and stop running。Therefore, you should recommend that if there is debris to be carried, try to pack it well to reduce the chance of scrap falling。
When moving furniture, building materials and other heavy objects hit the elevator
When the elevator receives the impact may cause dislocation, causing the elevator to close the emergency brake or fall accident, therefore, Kuaike Jun believes that carrying heavy objects to impact the elevator is all wrong operation of the elevator damage, serious consequences。
Squeeze in while loading
In the busy work life, there may be some passengers in the premise of knowing that the elevator has been loaded or unwilling to give up, forced into。Here to remind you: the elevator has a rated carrying capacity, the elevator will take self-protection measures such as alarms, and this operation may lead to the disturbance of the elevator procedure for a long time。
Everyone in a hurry up and down, be sure to abide by the code of practice of the elevator ride, will be able to avoid elevator accidents, do not step on the elevator "minefield" oh!
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